The Patent Process

Helping Inventors Obtain Provisional Patents

At On Target Design & Mfg. in San Diego, CA, we'll help you protect your idea and obtain a provisional patent. We will guide you through the patent process. There are many benefits to provisional and regular patents that can make it easier to bring your invention to life and protect your intellectual property. There are also many related matters you might not be aware of that we'll help you with.

Provisional Patents

Patents and Investors

Provisional patents are recommended because they give you 12 months to apply for a design or utility patent. During this time, you can continue building and designing your prototype, or seek out investors to help fund the patent. They're affordable, let us show you how to obtain one for your product or idea.

Investors often put their trust in products or ideas covered by patents because they ensure the security of less competition and assured interest. If an investor really likes your idea or prototype, they might even be able to help fund the patent process.

Costs and Attorneys

Benefit of Working With Us

Patents typically cost approximately $1250.00 if you can do your own drawings, put together claims that will be approved, and you don't need an attorney to help. This is rarely the case. If you find that you do need an attorney to help with the patent process, it can cost $15,000.00 or more. At On Target Design & Mfg we work with patent agents. These individuals have all the capabilities and abilities to help write patents and organize claims in the correct legal manner that will be more likely to get approved at a much lower cost than a conventional patent attorney. Let us show you how to save money and protect your intellectual property at the same time!

We have the experience that comes with working on more than 50 patents, and actually have two patents that were granted to our founder. We've been through the patent process before, and know what's needed to be successful. Our prices are affordable, our services are professional. The upfront costs are minimal - we can start with a provisional patent application and later develop it into a utility or design patent.