April King

Chris Baker with On Target is a very talented engineer and designer. Chris not only helped with the design process, but also created the very first working prototype for our Jaw Elevation Device (JED). Although further modifications were necessary during the tooling process and minor changes after the product was in the market place, Chris Baker’s design is still the product you see on our website (www.hypnozdevices.com). The JED is currently being used in thousands of hospitals, surgery centers, and offices in the US and Internationally. Chris has the ability to grasp the concept intellectually, produce the drawings and translate it into reality. This is best testimonial one can receive. Feel free to contact me for any questions.
-Warmest Regards, April King M.S.N., CRNA Founder, CEO Hypnoz Therapeutic Devices, Inc.

Andrew Yaros

I have worked with Chris at On Target Design and Mfg. on my Tidymates project since 2009. Chris is a master of design engineering and prototyping. Especially for new inventors, it is easy to get sucked into design firm traps that take advantage of the “little guy”. I have been so fortunate to have found Chris to avoid those pitfalls. Chris’ level of expertise and professional conduct got me the results I needed, on time and on target. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who needs design engineering and/or prototyping done. Personally, I will continue to work with Chris for years to come.
-Best, Andrew