Prototype Creation

Our Prototype Creation Process

At On Target Design & Mfg, we're dedicated to helping you learn about the benefits of creating a prototype and how it can play a role in the overall success of your invention. We'll walk you through different methods of creating your prototype, and will help you get your idea ready to present to investors and the market.

Prototype Creation

When you first make your prototype, it will likely be made from a series of machined or laser cut parts, or from a 3D printer. These methods make it easier to make changes to the design as you develop your product. We have two Stratasys® 3D printers on site to produce your prototype.

We've worked with clients in the past to manufacture products with excellent design and functionality. In fact some of our prototypes have actually been using during surgery in hospital operating rooms. We manufacture prototypes from various materials and can 3D print in both steel and plastic. For limited production runs we also have silicone mold to resin-pour capabilities that can make products with characteristics ranging from as soft as foam rubber to as hard and durable as a motorcycle helmet.

Our Process

We take the rough ideas, sketches, drawings or prototypes our customers have created and can redesign them for increased quality in form, fit and function, giving it a more professional look to take to market. We can also work with existing products to lower costs and improve manufacturability. The more professional your prototype looks, the more likely it will be to garner attention from the right people - including investors and the market. We follow a simple process that includes:

  • Discussing Design

  • Creating 3D CAD Models and Drawings

  • Building a Prototype

  • Assisting with Production

Companies We've Worked With

We've worked with many companies over the years. Some of the top names we have assisted include:

  • Abbott Laboratories® (Infusion Pumps and Valves)
  • Johnson Mathey® (Intravenous Catheters)
  • Toro® (Irrigation Systems)
  • Spay-Wars (US Navy - Submarine Antennas)
  • Heineken® (Point of Sale Displays - Long Neck Bottle)
  • Hypnoz Therapeutic® (Jaw Elevation Device - April King)
  • Pacific Diagnostics™ (Disease Diagnostic Kits)