Design Process

Helping Prototypes Succeed
with Careful Product Design Strategies

On Target Design & Mfg. specializes in helping customers like you develop a winning design and professional prototype for your invention. We help take you through the product design process, and will tackle any production issues as they arise.

Prototype Design

Chances are there will be some initial issues in your original prototype design that might make it difficult to get patented or funded. We help address those issues, and will redesign your prototype for manufacture-ability. We work to ensure that your prototype has consistency and that the process of creating it is the same each time. This sort of consistency is actually required by the FDA, so it's very important. You might also have issues with keeping up with production and demand. We can help. We'll help streamline your production process to insure a quality product each and every time.

Examples of Companies We've Helped

We've helped many companies in the past streamline their production process and prototype designs. With one company, we helped make industrial sprinkler valves more efficient. With another we helped a company facing a difficult catheter Teflon coating process make that process consistent and cost effective. We have also worked with many companies to design and manufacture production aids ranging from simple fixtures to fully automatic processing and assembly equipment.